How to delete forum account?

I looked all over my account settings and I can’t find any option to delete my account.

I don’t use the forum much and I’d like to delete my account permanently.


Hi @MorgothSauron,

In Discourse (our forum software), only new users with a very low number of posts can delete their accounts.

As an alternative, you could message one of our forum administrators (see: About - Caddy Community), who can anonymize your account (the effects of which are outlined here: Anonymizing Users in Discourse - announcements - Discourse Meta).

As an extra step we could also possibly suspend the account, removing its ability to log in.

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Hmm, so it won’t let me delete accounts that have any posts, and for your account, it says “Can’t delete all posts. Some posts are older than 60 days old.” So the best I can do is anonymize it, whatever that means (which the link above explains, derp)… is that OK? Or I can “suspend” it meaning you can’t log in.

Edit: Yeah, basically everything :arrow_up: he said.

If I understand anonymize with “replace” the username and email address with dummy values, correct ? That would mean that I would never be able to login again unless I register again. If I’m correct, you can proceed to anonymize my account

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