How to create a wiki post for an example django config?

Hi there,

I’ve been usiug Caddy with Django recently, and I really like it - how do I contribute some basic Caddy file examples for using it with Django?

I’ve written up a short post (see below), and it took me a while to find an example to work from when I was first learning to use Caddy, so I’d like to share something useful back for others trying out Caddy and Django together for the first time too.

I couldn’t see how to create a wiki post - do I need a certain amount of karma or similar before this is possible?



Yeah, the wiki category is limited to accounts with a slight bit of reputation, to avoid spammy and low effort content. I’m not exactly sure what the threshold is set to, but I think it’s pretty low. Since this is your first post, it’s not surprising that it doesn’t let you quite yet.

Thanks for the writeup! Looks good!