How to config acme-dns wildcard cert

Using this GitHub - caddy-dns/acmedns , I tring to config the wildcard

My config like this

	#auto_https disable_redirects
	#auto_https off

	http_port 80
	https_port 443

	log {
		output stdout
		level INFO
		format console

	acme_dns acmedns {
		config { {
				username ""
				password ""
				subdomain ""
				fulldomain ""
				server_url ""

* {
	respond / "Hello World" 200

there is more block generated by docker-proxy, caddy still tring to resolve the cert for

tls.obtain	will retry	{"error": "[] Obtain: [] solving challenges: presenting for challenge: adding temporary record for zone \"\": Config for domain not found (order= (ca=", "attempt": 3, "retrying_in": 120, "elapsed": 186.085659, "max_duration": 2592000}

but already using the wildcard cert

I see there is tls.dns config, I really have no idea how to config caddy to using a wildcard cert, I hope I just config the cert once, then all domain match the wildcard should use the cert.

You can’t use fake domains like, you need to use a real public domain.

Are you actually using the ACME-DNS service? Did you follow the steps in those docs to sign up for an account?

You don’t need to specify because * already covers it.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do with that.

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Hi @wener, is the proper domain name to use if you redacted the actual domain name.

As shows the intended usages

Example Domain
This domain is for use in illustrative examples in documents. You may use this domain in literature without prior coordination or asking for permission.

Also see: