How to clear unused certs at letsencrypt

I’ve got a few urls not being served and some others that I am using a wildcard cert on. Before I caddy had grab those urls some certs and I see them in the certs/acme folder.

Now letsencrypt is sending me emails about those certs that they need to be renewed soon before they expire. If I had used certbot myself I would be able to delete them at letsencrypt but I don’t grok how to do that if Caddy got them for me. I suppose in the end it’s not a big deal just let them die and tell letsencrypt not to send me anymore emails about them.

Just wondering if I can do some manual cleanup.

That’s interesting, I didn’t know you could delete certificates at LetsEncrypt.

How would you do that with Certbot?

You can’t/shouldn’t “delete” them – just let them expire, if you no longer need them.

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