How to activate several plugins from abiosoft/caddy-docker?

I use docker container with caddy from abiosoft.
I read README, search this forum, but not found how to activate several plugins for this container. For example, I want to activate ipfilter plugin & git plugin.

This is my Dockerfile

FROM abiosoft/caddy

RUN mkdir -p /root/.caddy/
RUN mkdir -p /root/gocode/callrecords-service/logs
COPY ./Caddyfile /etc/

I believe you’ll need to build your own version based off his Dockerfile. You can pretty much copy his Dockerfile and replace the ARGS instruction as needed, e.g. ARG plugins=http.git,http.ipfilter

I’m assuming you know what you’re doing by copying in a Caddyfile and baking it into the image, rather than mounting it as a mapped volume.

There is a one liner if you can run docker build.

docker build --build-arg plugins=http.git,http.realip

or even push it to docker hub

docker build --build-arg \
    plugins=http.git,http.realip \
    -t user/image:tag \
    && docker push user/image

Didn’t realise you could docker build straight from the repo like that… Neat, very neat.