How to activate CGI in v2

Is it really true that the CGI plugin (from Kurt Jung) still has not been ported to Caddy v2? When downloading caddy v2 I can check the CGI plugin, but it does not seem to work, also the help / manual page is empty?

Switching to FastCGI unfortunately is not an option.

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This fork should do:

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Dear francislavoie

Thank you for your prompt reply. Unfortunately I am not familiar with GO and I guess this fork I need to compile myself? Any chance to get I precompiled version from somewhere (macOS_64 and Windows_64)? Adding this to the “official” caddy download section would be the best option…

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Compiling Caddy is easy:

You just need to install Go (pretty much just run the installer), download xcaddy, then run xcaddy.exe build --with

The plugin maintainer needs to do that. You can ask them to by opening an issue on github. They just need to make an account on and then register their plugin.

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