How does caddy2 restrict ip access to specific anti-generation projects

How does caddy2 restrict ip access to specific anti-generation projects
I used caddy2 to reverse a project, the code is as follows {
reverse_proxy localhost:12345
My current requirement is to allow only specific ip (eg: to be able to access “” and port “12345”

Use the remote_ip matcher. You can pair it with the not matcher to invert the match, so like “match all requests except ones to this IP”.

Then use the matcher on a request handler, like abort, error or respond; up to you.

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thank you very much!
I tried the following code and got an error: {
remote_ip ...
reverse_proxy localhost:12345
sorry! I’m not a professional programmer
Could you please give me an intuitive case:
URL: Reverse to port 12345
Only allow ip address to access

Job for caddy.service failed because the control process exited with error code.
See “systemctl status caddy.service” and “journalctl -xe” for details.

Look at the syntax for request matching:

Make sure to review the Caddyfile concepts:

I think I know how to write
I need to customize an adapter
Adapt to the allowed ip, which may be like this: {
@allow_ip {
reverse_proxy @allow_ip localhost:12345
This will achieve my purpose
Although I don’t know how to write return error page
But it can be used

I have used the json format to configure caddy and there is it quite easy to configure a handler when the remote ip does not match.

You can see a example in this question.

You can configure caddy via api with the json file or add the -adapter jsonc to caddy and use the json as -config caddy.json

Here is the command for xcaddy to add the adapter

xcaddy build --with
# run caddy with json config
caddy run -adapter jsonc -config caddy.json

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