How do i tell if i am using the latest caddy version?

When i check the version i get this big string

➜  pt caddy version                                
v2.6.2-0.20220930193937-fe91de67b62c h1:Fy/xDSXQ9i202+wEW03Oqe5DqvRrumio+YVUg6FPPzs=
➜  pt xcaddy version
v0.3.1 h1:XKmnGnGTeB53hLUgnGr/R4JbTNSxh8IBAFcJkrtycso=
  1. What are those h1h1:XKmnGnGTeB53hLUgnGr… ?
  2. how do I tell if I am using the latest version of caddy on GitHub latest is showing 2.6.2 but my version starts with some random big string ??

That’s essentially a hash/checksum of the source files used when compiling Caddy. It’s a good way to compare whether the version you’re using had modified code compared to another binary someone else might have.

In general, you can ignore it, but it’s helpful for us when asking for help here in the forums so we can notice if you’re using a modified version, instead of an official release.

This part is the more relevant bit. This is information from git at the time the binary was built. It’s telling us it was built from commit go.mod: Upgrade select dependencies · caddyserver/caddy@fe91de6 · GitHub, the timestamp on the commit, and the “closest tag” in front, i.e. v2.6.2. This is correct, that’s the commit we tagged with that release.

You are using the latest. You can tell by that v2.6.2 in the front of the version string.

xcaddy is a separate tool, and you also indeed have the latest version of xcaddy as per Releases · caddyserver/xcaddy · GitHub


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