How do I figure out whether NTLM transport module is working?

I build caddy with:
xcaddy build --with GitHub - caddyserver/ntlm-transport: NTLM reverse proxy transport module for Caddy

It fails to proxy requests to an Exchange server (using NTLM), and I’m trying to figure out why. From caddy logs I found that autodiscover kept return 401 error.

I first need to know whether ntlm module is actually enabled, anything wrong with my configuration? And how can I get logs from this ntlm module? {
tls ./certs/server.cert ./certs/server.key
reverse_proxy https://IP {
transport http_ntlm {

log {
	output file logs/autodiscover.log {
		roll_size 100MB
		roll_keep 10
		roll_keep_for 7d
	format json {
		time_format iso8601


Enable the debug global option. What’s in your logs?

It’s enabled but I’m not sure where to look for logs, should I configure additional logs directive?

It depends how you’re running Caddy. But Caddy emits its logs to stderr by default.

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