How can I configure WordPress multisite?

Can you help with what additional config would be required to setup a multisite?

Hi @nspeaks, welcome to the Caddy community!

Please note that server configuration for WordPress multi-site installations varies slightly depending on how you choose to configure it.

You can follow the instructions from the developers to set up your multisite installation: Create A Network – Forums

When you get to the stage that requires you to add .htaccess configuration, if you’re having trouble adapting those to Caddy configuration, you can go ahead and post the .htaccess config you took from your site, as well as what you’ve attempted to convert, and post them here. With luck someone will be able to help you over the line from there.


FWIW (and for future reference), I was able to get my subdomain MU site running using the standard WordPress config (below). Caveats are I’m using tls internal because this my local development setup, and I run PHP-FPM on a port because sockets don’t play nicely with WSL.

site1.local, site2.local, subdomain.site1.local {
    tls internal
    root * /home/kaitlyn/Sites/site
    php_fastcgi http://localhost:9002

As an aside, I just want to say how much I absolutely LOVE Caddy. I had to give up using NGINX for my local dev because I could not get the subdomain MU setup working without having to add a new host entry for every site. With Caddy it handles everything I throw at it with a whopping four lines of configuration.


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