How are you using Caddy?

Title says everything :slight_smile:
How are you using Caddy? Who is using Caddy in production? Which plugins do you use?
Would be nice if people could share their experiences…

So how am I using Caddy?
I’m running my Wordpress blog, Piwik, ownCloud, SMF, PhileCMS, Vanilla forums, some self-written stuff.
I’ve got > 2.5k monthly visitors on my two main ‘production’ sites. So it’s not really high-traffic.
I’m also have one production website for which I use the Git plugin, to deploy the website.
Caddy handles everything very well, including automated HTTPS, which “has never let me down” in production. All of this since february 2016.

Three months ago I wrote I wrote a blogpost about it: Two months ago I started to “Serve The Web Like It’s 2016”, and I’m still loving Caddy! (shameless ad to my own blog :stuck_out_tongue: )

So… How are you using Caddy? Just playing around with it, or do you use it for the ‘real’ stuff?


I have a few static sites, Discourse, and GitLab all running on a single server served by Caddy. Although I’m the only one sending it any traffic :stuck_out_tongue: But I’d still consider it a production setup since I use my GitLab server for my code/docker image hosting.

It’s worked really well so far! I have everything running on Docker.


I’m moving my personal site at to caddy, not really an expert on server stuff so setting up servers is a bit of a pain, but caddy itself is so wonderfully easy to understand. When I get that done I’ll probably try serving my blog (Kirby CMS) with caddy too.


I’m running (on Linode) two subdomains of Caddy+Hugo+Git, and one subdomain of plain html site. Was using nginx before. Switching to Caddy has been a lot of fun!


Using Caddy 0.9 beta on nearly all parts
( 2 File Download Sites; Forum;News Site ;Webmail)
of the Official German MIUI Fansite
Miui Germany Stats
with total of ~29000 members


NIce, that’s really ‘production’ use!

New to Caddy within the last week or so and would love to be able to get to the point of replacing Apache/Vagrant/Nginx/VirtualHostX (and any other tool I’ve used) on OS X for both local development purposes (Statamic, ExpressionEngine, Wordpress) and hosting ActiveCollab v4/v5 and Gitlab for production (in house project management). Just not quite there yet.

The idea of essentially a portable environment and simpler config files that I can essentially pick up and move is awesome. Not to mention all the bells and whistles - when I get past the basics.