Hetzner DNS module doesn't build


After updating to Caddy 2.6.2 (from 2.5.2) on FreeBSD AMD64 I noticed I cannot build the executable with the Hetzner DNS plugin included. After selecting the plugin and clicking “Download” the “Building” button greys out and never builds the package. It worked with 2.5.2 last time I tried.

Tried different combination and the plugin builds ok with i.e. Linux AMD64 version, the FreeBSD one however does not work.

Any help in getting my setup back online, since I did not make a backup of my 2.5.2 executable before upgrading (I know, I know … ).


You could build it locally with GitHub - caddyserver/xcaddy: Build Caddy with plugins using

GOOS=freebsd xcaddy build --with github.com/caddy-dns/hetzner

The xcaddy way worked, thank you (once I learned how to install Go on OPNSense). :slight_smile:


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