Help with rewrite!

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to mimic this from nginx:

  location /paperclip/ {
    alias /mnt/volume/paperclip/;

I read that caddy doesn’t really go outside of the root dir so my next thought was to create a symlink inside root to that location so i did:

ln -s /mnt/volume/paperclip/ paperclip

So now im just trying to figure out the rewrite to get my images back xD (Already tried a bunch of different rewrites without any luck)

For reference, in nginx my images were in:


Hi @Diego_Suarez, welcome to the Caddy community!

If you’ve symlinked the directory, I’d guess that you don’t need any rewrites. If webroot+path resolves to a file on your filesystem, Caddy should serve it.

One other option is to use a path scoped site definition. {
  root /mnt/volume/paperclip/
  # Copy other relevant configuration here also

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