Handshake Error with IP Address

Hello, does it mean anything if there are handshake errors with the computers local IP Address?
http: TLS handshake error from no certificate available for ‘server ip address’

In English, that error means:

“Somebody from tried to connect, and requested the website ‘server ip address’. We don’t serve that site, and we don’t have a HTTPS certificate for it, so we didn’t serve one and that stopped the TLS handshake process.”

This is not a problem. Every web-accessible server will, at some point, have things making arbitrary requests to it. Web crawlers and scripts, mostly, probing just to see what’s out there. Host a server long enough and it basically just becomes noise.

Not to worry unless you see a huge uptick or notice that they’re all coming from one place (signs of simple attacks).

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Okay, thanks for the info

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