Github integration

A comment on the bottom down here speaks about “Github Integration”

Does this mean, there is any kind of feature in that regards, which is currently undocumented?
Or is it simply, that Caddy host its source code on Github?

I believe Mike is referring to the http.git plugin that allows you to deploy your site with git push. It’s not GitHub-specific so the quote could have been more accurate; it works with nearly any git servers.

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Maybe mention that on the feature page?

I think its quite nice to think about something like Github pages, you can support that here:

By the way: Can you mention Gitea everywhere, where Gogs is mentioned?
Like in this case:

I do plan to upgrade the features page to include information about plugins. But I don’t have it at the top of my list yet.

You’ll have to talk to the individual plugin authors for that.

Who is that?

Look in the docs, it says their name, and where to go to get support. :slight_smile: