Getting SSL error with Caddy deployed on docker swarm

I have had Caddy deployed in production for a few months now but recently it has been causing me some issues. All of a sudden I am getting SSL errors when visiting my site. In safari I am getting Failed to load resource: An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made. But I don’t see anything in the logs or any reason why it has failed. I am using automatic ssl through lets encrypt and the certs are fine. I notice it works sometimes but not others and I cannot figure out why. When it doesn’t work safari won’t even load the page.

My configuration is as follows:

I have many instances running with supervisord in docker containers. They all have a volume mounted to a shared folder between all the instances so they can all share the same certs.


Hmm seems to go away when I disconnect my VPN, must be a routing issue.

Interesting edit. Who’s your VPN provider, if I may ask? Do you experience any other SSL or HTTPS-related issues while using them?

The VPN is to my work to access the LAN. I don’t understand what the issue is because sometimes if I just toggle the VPN it will work and then if I toggle it again it won’t. So sometimes it works with it on and other times it won’t but changing it immediately fixes it. This site being hosted by the caddy server is the only one that has ever done this and it is the same error every time.

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