Getting a version

I’m attempting to debug this package: which is not well supported by the author. when I log into the container and type:

caddy --version

I get:

2017/03/08 03:32:48 [ERROR] Unable to make new certificate storage path: mkdir /root/.caddy: not a directory

Please follow instructions at:

could the product be fixed to actually provide a version number?

ok, my bad, it’s -version not --version

… that should not fix this problem, though.

You must be running an older version of Caddy… I think 0.9.5 no longer has that function at all. (Or maybe 0.9.5 does, but I think it was removed before we released that.) When Caddy 0.9.<something> was released, we restructured certificate storage, so for a few versions, we had a function that moved things around. It’s since been removed.

Anyway, --version should work fine too.