File Browser says goodbye to Caddy (for now) 👋

Hello everyone!

As most of you know, File Browser - well… File Manager at the time - was born as a single extension for Caddy web server. Although, it’s time to tell goodbye to this lovely extension. There’s a lot of backlog and thoughts about deprecating this extension for a long time already (#574).

There are some reasons why I’m taking this decision:

  1. File Browser building process is complicated and supporting Caddy would involve a lot of extra necessary steps due to the nature of File Browser: we need static assets (HTML, JS, CSS, etc.) to work.
  2. If you install them both separately, you can update only one of the binaries. It might seem a disadvantage for some, but I assure you that it can be helpful in some cases.
  3. File Browser can be easily used with Caddy via the built-in proxy directive.
  4. I don’t a lot of time to focus on this project to make it better and better, so supporting Caddy would be one more time sink for me (see #532).

I know not everyone will support this decision, but it’s been on my head for a long time and this will simplify a lot of things in File Browser development side.

It’s a goodbye to Caddy, for now. :wave:

For those who want to use File Browser with Caddy, the proxy directive is a must. We also recommend you to use Caddy with their automatic HTTP support :smiley:

I’ll add more examples shortly.

How to use File Browser with Caddy

We will assume you’re running File Browser on port 8080.

If you want to run it on the root domain, you don’t need to set any special configurations:

proxy /

If you want to run File Browser on /admin, you need to set File Browser’s Base URL to /admin and have a Caddyfile similar to this one:

proxy /admin

Same as above, but setting the base URL on the top:


proxy /

Original issue: Goodbye Caddy (for now) 👋 · Issue #723 · filebrowser/filebrowser · GitHub


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