ETCD K/V Storage for Caddy TLS data

I am aware of PostgreSQL (GitHub - yroc92/postgres-storage) and Consul (GitHub - pteich/caddy-tlsconsul: 🔒 Consul K/V storage for Caddy Web Server / Certmagic TLS data) backends for storing Caddy TLS data, but was wondering if there exists one or any work’s been done for an ETCD backend?

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Not that I know of. There might be one that we don’t know about though, which hasn’t been added the wiki; searching github might be fruitful. But I’ve not heard anyone ask about that before so it’s might not be likely.

I don’t see anything mentioning etcd on certmagic package importedby - -


The reason why I would prefer etcd over, say Redis, are:

  • built in HA
  • built in locking

That said, there exists 2 PostgreSQL implementations:

It seems like GitHub - yroc92/postgres-storage is a fork of GitHub - travisjeffery/certmagic-sqlstorage: SQL storage for CertMagic/Caddy TLS data. ?

How much of work remains to make either or @yroc92 version “official”?

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@gcss There is an issue open with things that need to be addressed. Also, it only explicitly supports postgres but can be easily modified to enable other SQL dialects. Also, it doesn’t have Caddyfile support yet, only the JSON config.


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