Error: unknown command "caddy" for "caddy"

1. The problem I’m having:

I’m getting an error:

Error: unknown command “caddy” for “caddy”

2. Installation:

I’m trying to run a docker-compose file with a couple of services. But I get the error above.
I want to redirect my https://localhost:8055 (directus) to a domain.

This is my caddy service in my docker compose file.

It doesn’t make sense to use caddy-docker-proxy if you’re going to override the command with caddy reverse-proxy. CDP requires that it uses the docker-proxy command for its functionality to work.

You should either use a Caddyfile (mounted via a volume), or use labels with CDP to generate a config. The reverse-proxy command is only meant for quick-and-dirty local development, not for a long-running server.

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