Error DNS parsing

Error during parsing: Unsupported DNS provider ‘godaddy’

my Caddyfile is rather simple, {
root /srv
tls {
dns godaddy

I passing the Caddy file to a docker container with environment variables

Any suggestions

Make sure Caddy is compiled with the plugin:

I figured something like that …

I downloaded the dockerfile and made the change of

ARG plugins=“git,filemanager,cors,realip,expires,cache,godaddy”
to the dockerfile

then tried build on google app engine turns out docker 17.03 ce edition has problems with docker build .

what other ways of getting the plugin installed in the container
I would prefer not having to build my own docker container on Google App engine and use the default containers

if I were able to upgrade docker to 17.05 I might be able to build the Dockerfile

The plugin name is, not godaddy. Not sure how docker works, though, so someone else will have to help there.

He’s got this one right, actually. @abiosoft’s Caddy builder doesn’t use the prefixing the build server does.

@marties, try as a standalone command: docker build --build-arg plugins=git,filemanager,cors,realip,expires,cache,godaddy -t test-caddy and see if the new test-caddy image has your plugin.

For reference, here’s how I use the equivalent in compose v3:

        - plugins=git,cloudflare,jwt,login,filter
    command: ["-log", "stdout", "-agree",
      "-email", "",
      "-conf", "/etc/caddyfile"]
      - 80:80/tcp
      - 443:443/tcp
      CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL:  [snip]
      CLOUDFLARE_API_KEY: [snip]
      - ./conf/caddy/certs:/root/.caddy
      - ./conf/caddy/caddyfile:/etc/caddyfile
      - ./conf/caddy/.htpasswd:/etc/.htpasswd
      - ./conf/caddy/sites:/srv

Tks Matthew that works perfectly :slight_smile: I was trying to build caddy locally as I was hitting that build error of using

for those that might follow you need to build using docker greater than 17.03

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