[ERROR 422 /upload] MIME Multipart exploding failed on part 1: permission denied

Any ideas? I’m lost.

Never seen this before! Do you have read permissions in that directory or to that file?

Hey Matt,
The problem is path handling, ‘./dir’ breaks, ‘dir’ works.

upload /upload {
to “./uploaded/”

(I’m aware it is not a part of main repo)

This throws the ‘exploding’ text:

Going down to (Throwing 422):

Which fails in:

You are awesome at community activity and it surely is why it thrives.
Might become one to the cause if things go… somehow.


You should file an issue on that plugin’s repository, it could be overlooked here. (Sorry, I wish I had the means to help you more on it right now!)

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We’ve covered this in a different ticket, I think. But leaving this here in case someone else runs into this:

The target directory for uploads should be an absolute one. That is, something like /var/www/dir is highly recommended, because a plugin outside the scope of caddy or upload could change the working directory itself resulting in grief when having used relative directories, which now, that caddy switched from eager checks of paths, point somewhere else.

»Implode/explode elements e to/from a serialization form c« is programmer’s slang from the nineties. (»Explode strings from array…«) Slightly related, other eastern eggs you might spot on the internet are descriptions to returns codes 200 Here you go (instead of OK), or 403 Verboten. :wink:

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