ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when direct access to server ip on Caddy2

I already disable ssl with auto_https off but still getting issue

    auto_https off

:443 {
  respond "Hello, world!" 200

If your site still uses the same port as the default https_port (i.e. 443), then Caddy will enable TLS.

You really shouldn’t be serving HTTP content over port 443, it’s conventional that 443 is HTTPS. Browsers will use port 443 if you use https:// in your URL and port 80 if you use http://.

Next time, please fill out the help thread template, it’s important so that we can properly understand what’s going on.

Hi thanks for the quick reply, I just found out that if I curl < my public ip >:443 im also getting empty response. I just need to show some default msg from my public ip; Is it possible to skip tls only for port :443 ?

But why though? Just use a different port that won’t have that problem.

nevermind i just use back nginx. thanks

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