Email error with iOS 11 and Domino server

Disclaimer: I’m not expecting anyone here to help troubleshoot Domino (in fact, other than a couple other guys I know I bet no one is running Domino!) or iOS but I’m hoping you might be able to point me in a direction to resolve this.

After months of successfully using Caddy last night I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 11 and now I’m having trouble. Receiving mail is fine and sending smaller emails is fine but as soon as the email is a couple paragraphs long the Domino server doesn’t seem to be getting anything from my iPhone (via Traveler.) It’s unclear what is going on but from the Domino server console I’m seeing errors that include “request is empty” and “…is expected to have a body.”

Does anyone have any idea where the problem might be? It’s something with iOS 11 and Caddy because if I go without SSL it works fine. I don’t know if it’s relevant but I had an issue a while back downloading large files that I fixed by setting timeouts to none. This is failing very quickly though. On my iPhone I immediately get “Cannot Send Mail. An error occurred while delivering this message.”

Huh, so you just upgraded iOS (not Caddy) and it started having errors? I wonder what the relevant change in iOS is… :thinking:

I have no clue off the top of my head though. (I don’t even know what Domino is, sorry)

Yep - the only difference is iOS 11 and its updated mail client. Domino is a mail server from IBM (and much more but we don’t need to go there.) I have no idea what the heck changed there. There’s probably a very small subset of the universe using iOS, Caddy and Domino (I know of one other guy, a buddy of mine) but if there’s a problem with this setup I figured maybe there would be a similar problem somewhere else.

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