Eddy Server Management

Hey all!

You might know the Laravel framework that’s quite popular in the PHP community. I’ve been a community member for many years and have written a bunch of packages and blog posts. Recently I started a new project that heavily relies on Caddy, so I thought it would be nice to share it here :blush:

The project is called Eddy Server Management. It’s a tool to provision servers and deploy sites with zero downtime using Caddy. It integrates with DigitalOcean and Hetzner Cloud, so booting up a server and making it production-ready is just a few clicks. Of course, you can use any cloud provider you like; you just need a fresh VPS with root access.

Besides deploying sites, it can manage cronjobs, background daemons, and firewall rules and has tools for managing MySQL. It integrates with GitHub, so when you set up a new site, it lists all your repositories, and you can select a site type (Laravel, Generic PHP, Static, WordPress). It then setups a preconfigured deploy script and Caddyfile, but you can edit all config files from the UI. Lastly, Eddy supports database and file backups to S3, FTP, and SFTP.

While there’s a hosted version available at eddy.management, I’m happy to say that this project is fully open-source! Not only can others contribute to it, but it also allows you to see what Eddy is doing on your server.

Hope you like it! Feel free to comment or ask questions. I’m also on Twitter.


Cool! Sounds kinda like a Laravel Forge alternative.

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Yes, it’s definitely comparable! The main differences are its open-source nature and the use of Caddy instead of Nginx.