Dyndns questions

dyndns {
provider cloudflare		
ipaddress http://whatismyip.akamai.com/
auth *****af380b8d3 *****@*****.com
domains *****.com www.*****.com
period 30m


Caddyfile does not know the dyndns directives.

Did you add it to the plugin list when you downloaded Caddy?

This feature does not come with Caddy by default. To get it, select the dyndns plugin when you download Caddy.



I can confirm that downloading a Windows 64-bit binary with dyndns plugin selected and running a simple Caddyfile results in Error during parsing: Unknown directive 'dyndns'.

Tagging @matt; it doesn’t look like the dyndns plugin repo has changed in the last 6 months. Is it possible this is a build server issue or is it more likely to be the plugin itself?

I’m not sure – if you don’t get an error at download-time, you’ll probably want to take it up with the plugin developers at Issues · linkonoid/caddy-dyndns · GitHub. If they don’t respond within a few weeks and it stays broken, we can probably take it off the website.

The plugin is missing in https://github.com/mholt/caddy/blob/053373a38519d8cdf4ee7582ed9dc6ce239597cc/caddyhttp/httpserver/plugin.go#L584-L660, that is why it is an unknown directive.

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