Dynamic Success-URL

I’m using the jwt http.login to get logged in via Google Auth which is working.

Is there a way to dynamically go back to the URL that called it?

jwt {
path /
redirect /login
allow email some@example.log
log-file /opt/caddy/logs/jwt.log
log-level debug

login {
success-url /sonarr (I wanted this to go back to the original URL that called it)
google client_id=-someid,client_secret=somesecret,scope=https://www.googleapis.com/auth/userinfo.email
jwt_expiry 24h
cookie_expiry 2400h

My normal flow is to call apps.example.com/sonarr and that redirect to the login page. I’d like to return back to apps.example.com/sonarr when logged in successfully.

Did you try using -redirect-query-parameter?

I went with:

redirect /login?backTo={rewrite_uri} as I found that example and removed the success_url out from the login area.

It seems to work. Is that the same as what you are asking? If not, what would that look like with my config?

Yes, it’s same. The variable name is configurable if needed.

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