Duplicate plugin in the documentation list

I made some changes on my argsort plugin and triggered a rescan . I did updated its description in the repo. Now it show twice in the modules list.

My plugin: on GitHub / on Caddy documentation

Should I just wait? I saw there other duplicated items in there for quite a while (like the cache ones, see below)

Attaching some screenshots:

It looks like this might be an issue (or a caching feature?) on https://caddyserver.com/api/modules, from where the whole module list is rendered.

In the mean time I removed the repo from the dashboard, will wait a few days, hopefully it will sort out by itself.
Although I am a bit worried, the main page does seem to not refresh (see the cache plugins examples).

@matt the dashboard thing does look like the caddy-security UI, would you be able to shed some light on this? Thank you!

We have a number of bugs with the docs backend, I just haven’t had the time to look into things lately. (Sorry!)

I wonder if it’s because the type name changed. Probably shouldn’t cause this bug, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Our database uses type names (together with package path) as a key or identifier.

We’ll probably need to go in and clean it up soon. I haven’t had much bandwidth to invest on the website recently.

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Yes, I say that the call when showing the argsort modules (the two identical repos) did show a different entry for the type (one with Middleware and one with Argsort).

This can wait, no worries. I’l register once again the module and will see when the database goes through cleaning how to tackle this.

Thank you for reply, @matt

Will let this one close itself.

type_name": "github.com/teodorescuserban/caddy-argsort.Middleware"


"type_name": "github.com/teodorescuserban/caddy-argsort.Argsort"

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