DR environment for caddy

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what would be the best way to go about creating a DR environment for Caddy server that is running about a 100 web pages.

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Hi @Johan_Kruger,

You might have to elaborate a bit on your requirements.

Would “DR” here mean disaster recovery?

What are you recovering? Do you just mean to have Caddy assets recoverable?

You could do that by having your Caddyfile backed up. ACME assets are transient and can be recreated as required.

Hi @Whitestrake,

By DR i mean disaster recovery.
I was wondering if there was a way to configure caddy so if the host ever goes down it will auto fail over to another host without having to restore a backup. in other words there would be zero downtime and no manual intervention required.

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Johan Kruger

You can use a load balancer with health checking to distribute requests to healthy Caddy instances.

Caddy handles distributed challenge solving in a cluster automatically when the underlying file system is shared, so there’s very little you need to look out for on that front.

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