Downloading Caddy v0.10.4 Windows x64 + all plugins = Error

Hi there, I normally download a plain version and a full featured version on each release.

But this time it fails and I have no idea which plugin causes the build process to fail.

Any idea, I think it’s a Windows x64 build related issue.

If one plugin fails to build, the whole build will fail. Try selecting only the plugins you need… there is a known problem with one or two of the plugins right now that are being worked on by their authors.

Good news! All plugins that were incompatible with this release (a one-time thing, and only in a few cases) should be working again, except for the hook.service plugin – that should be working as soon as the author deploys a new version.


Thank you @matt !

I can confirm that it is not possible to download a build with all plugins since 0.10.4 regardless of the architecture, e.g.,hook.pluginloader,hook.service,http.authz,http.awslambda,http.cgi,http.cors,http.datadog,http.expires,http.filemanager,http.filter,http.git,http.gopkg,http.grpc,http.hugo,http.ipfilter,http.jwt,http.login,http.mailout,http.minify,http.prometheus,http.proxyprotocol,http.ratelimit,http.realip,http.reauth,http.upload,net,tls.dns.cloudflare,tls.dns.digitalocean,tls.dns.dnsimple,tls.dns.dnspod,tls.dns.dyn,tls.dns.exoscale,tls.dns.gandi,tls.dns.googlecloud,tls.dns.linode,tls.dns.namecheap,,tls.dns.rackspace,tls.dns.rfc2136,tls.dns.route53,tls.dns.vultr will return a 50x

I have setup a CI job that always loads a full build for each new release but fails this time:

I overread … except for the hook.service plugin … and will try to download a build without it. disable the last 2 plugins in the list ( both ) and it will work for you,

@ITSecMedia you mean tls.dns.route53 and tls.dns.vultr because disabling hook.service didn’t help and the download returned the following message: building caddy: exit status 2

I meant these : hook.pluginloader & hook.service

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@ITSecMedia Thanks!

The hook.pluginloader plugin is not compatible with the build server, as its description says; it will be removed as soon as there’s a way to delete plugins from the system.

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