Download Issue Freebsd

Sorry if im being incredibly stupid, i am looking to download Caddy for freebsd amd64 with the cloudflare module.
I have went onto the download page and selected my arch and module and have a download button, however when i click it, i am given the option to download a file called caddy_freebsd_amd64_custom

On the github there is a caddy_2.4.5_freebsd_amd64.tar.gz file so i was expecting to be able to download a .tar.gz file

What am i missing? it seems all but the windows (which allows an exe to be downloaded) give the same type of download link just with different architecture


Why do you need a tar file?

To clarify, the download page just serves you a static executable binary of Caddy with the plugins installed. It’s uncompressed. Just chmod +x the file, move it to /usr/bin or whatever, and run it.



I’ll give that a try today.

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