Dotfiles not found in docs search

Documentation search doesn’t find “@dotfiles” or even “dotfiles”. Same for webhook.

I saw these terms in a Caddyfile, so it looks like they are part of the Caddyfile syntax/code/config, and so I should expect to find something in the docs, right?

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Please elaborate.

I go to the docs page and search for one of the stated terms. The search returns “No results”.

You didn’t tell us why you’re looking for those terms in the docs. Without context, that’s meaningless.

I said I saw them in a Caddyfile - so I wanted to know more about them.

But, I don’t get your perspective. What does my need have to do with it? If something is missing in the docs, it is missing, and no one can learn. It won’t matter why I want to read about it, will it?

Also, I wanted to ask if there was another, preferred way to report docs issues, other than the Everything forum.

Nothing is missing. You’re trying to search for a custom value/name set by the person who wrote the Caddyfile you’re referring to. Your search should have started by reading this page:

Then read this

Got it. Thanks much, Mohammed90.

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