domain with www does not work for Caddy server

(Tony Wang) #1

I’m using Caddy as a reverse proxy server that points to a docker container that runs web service at port 8181. The domain works, but does not work. I wonder where might be wrong:

Caddyfile: {
    proxy / localhost:8181

I have an A record for that points to the IP address of the server.

(Matthew Fay) #2

Hi @rcholic,

The sites and both appear to be working from my end, both served by Apache, both appear to redirect to

Do you still need help with these sites?

(Tony Wang) #3

actually, I was using as an example domain, I don’t own it.

My real domain name is, but does not work


(Lucas) #4

By the looks of your Caddyfile example I’m going to guess that you haven’t added the domain to your configuration.

So:, {
    proxy / localhost:8181

Or if you only wanted www: {
    proxy / localhost:8181
} {