Does using a storage plugin (like S3) also share a single json config?

Hey again, hopefully an easy question here.

I’ve been reading docs and threads about clustering and it sounds like if I setup shared storage for a cluster of Caddy servers, I could send an update (say, adding a reverse proxy to a new domain) to any one of them using the admin API and they would all receive the update.

Is that correct? If so, does it store the autosave.json in that remote storage or where does it load the config from if one of the servers needs to restart?

I’m mainly asking because I’m looking at deploying a geographically distributed cluster on to that all share the same config for reverse proxies. I’ll be updating the config to add new domains/subdomains frequently and I’m hoping to have a way to do that in one place that’s also gets persisted somewhere shared(not just in memory while Caddy is running).

Thanks for any help!

The storage is clustered, the config is not.

The storage is for things like certificates, keys, and other kinds of state necessary for Caddy to function.

These two links may help you get there though:

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