Documentation Layout is not the Best

I find the layout of the V2 documentation quite cumbersome and confusing when compared to the layout of V1, V1 had all the topics on one side so you knew where you needed to go,
The v1 docs were nicely and simply organized, while the v2 docs feel thrown together and not polished, it is difficult to navigate at best, otherwise near impossible.

And the Layout doesn’t feel right, the text is too large, I have to zoom out my web browser to 80% on all of my displays (even my 2k display). Also, the sidebar does not properly show everything needed

i would have it organized so that instead of we would have it so the side panel is organized like so

Getting Started
_/Put the tutorial pages here
_/Everything would be the same until CaddyFile
__CaddyFile would have a directives subsection with links to the subcategories how it is, but for Directives, i would have it so each directive is available directly here, and when you click on a directive, another submenu shows for that directives documentation

I don’t know if listing out all the Caddyfile directives in the side nav is the best idea. But I have always wondered if a subnav with all the Caddyfile directives wouldn’t go awry.

Even though Caddy v2 is JSON-first, the Caddyfile is where the vast majority of users go.

The argument i was trying to make, is that the new layout is not user friendly in almost every single way. The color scheme is not good, the layout is in need of improvements, or a downgrade to the layout the V1 docs had, as those were easier to navigate and find EXACTLY what you were looking for.

EDIT: Side not, it appears the docs react to my computer using darkmode, so the dark css is rather crappy. I would go about the darkmode with more grey/green instead of varying shades of dark blue,

Looking at the code for the docs, couldnt we restructure the markdown to match the side panel? and have the docs-nav.html render a markdown file to make it easier to keep the nav bar up to date, like you add a new doc file? okay add a link in its location in the
kinda like this


Would contain

   / (this is page you see when you click caddyfile)

I have made a prototype of this
the edits i have made, in step by step PSUDOcode

MAKE /src/includes/
FILL  /src/includes/ {
- [Welcome](/docs/)
- [Wiki 🔗](

#### Get Caddy
- [Download](/docs/download)

REPLACE /includes/doc-nav.html {
{{$markdownFilename := default "docs-nav"}}
{{$markdownFilePath := printf "/includes/"}}
{{$markdownFile := (include $markdownFilePath | splitFrontMatter)}}
{{$title := default $markdownFilename $markdownFile.Meta.title}}
<nav class="sidebar">
	{{markdown $markdownFile.Body}}

and it works

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