Documentation is broken?

I just wanted to raise that I think the documentation might be broken. Take a look at the screenshot (note the blank content and error in the console).

Not broken, just slow:

Didn’t know anyone used the JSON docs, tbh. :man_shrugging: (Most of what I hear about it is people complaining that JSON is too hard, so I figured almost nobody used it.)

Hey @matt,

I’m pretty sure it’s plain broken for me at the moment. You can see the failed request there at the bottom of the screenshot. I can wait 10+ minutes and nothing occurs.

I was actually attempting to write a PR to add some documentation for Query matcher issue - I was trying to orient myself with the documentation that is already there and where it lands on the website.

We moved away from the Caddyfile format because somewhere between a 2.2 and a 2.4 upgrade, our existing Caddyfile setup just broke and so we moved to JSON in an attempt to get it all working again - which we did eventually.


It would have been helpful to link to the page in question. I haven’t tried loading the page you’re visiting but I can already tell that it’s not a valid config path because servers is not a registered Caddy app. How did you get to that page?

Thanks, that’ll be nice. JSON docs are generated from comments in the code, just FYI.

Interesting; what broke? And so unfixably that you had to abandon the Caddyfile altogether?

You’re correct. That URL is invalid. Not sure how I got there.

Now that I can orient myself with the code, I’ll raise a PR.

Well, I guess it didn’t break entirely, but it was unacceptably slow. The time it took to apply our config, after load, went from something like 1-2s to 40-50+ seconds. Nothing about our structure changed other than the Caddy version.

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Hmm, I’d like to know more. How can I experience that behavior you’re describing?

Hey Matt,

Any chance we could take this offline/offsite?


Yeah, good idea. Sounds like a bug. If you could file an issue here:

Post your config (without redactions or truncations, I’ll need to see the whole thing in its exact form) and the steps you take to get the slow loading. As well as last working version, then which version made the loading slow.

Hey Matt,

That’s not the kind of offline I was talking about :slight_smile:

There is sensitive information in that file and I’m not willing to share it online. How else can we do this?


Yeah, you can reach out here:

Seems like the documentation API is entirely down now (returning a 502)

Oops, you’re right, and I even foresaw this:

// TODO: use this mutex, there's DEFINITELY A CONFIRMED race on discoveredTypes

So… yeah… I’m restarting the docs server now. And will fix that.

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@smebberson Did you get what you needed? We haven’t heard back from our responses to you via email.

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