Discussing caching strategy

I’m thinking about what caching strategy I want to implement for a static file server. This is subjective for the person, but I think I’m going to go with something like this.

(this part is not Caddy-specific, but it’s relevant)

  • HTML/XML will get Cache-Control: must-revalidate
    my html changes regularly, so caching it is fine, but I want the browser to revalidate it so users get the changes without an additional refresh
  • everything else gets Cache-Control: max-age: 31536000, immutable
    my static assets, mostly images, don’t change. if something did change, the filename would change
    my front-end assets like css and js get cache busted by putting a hash in the filename

(the Caddy-specific part)

I’m thinking about making a snippet that sets the Cache-Control header by matching the Content-Type header. I’ll be posting a Caddyfile example in a bit.

I’d love feedback if anyone has any.

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