Discourse = Nice

I’ve run into a few Discourse forums and it’s pretty nice software from the client side. I used to wrangle multiple phpBB rigs, which seem kind of “yesterday” compared to this interface. All much better than my ebbs bulletin boards on the C64 back in the day.

Thanks for the forum!

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Oh man, phpBB was pretty rough for a number of reasons. I did a number of Simple Machines Forums installs myself. Those were dark times.

Glad you like the choice of software!


Oh my god it has achievements, this is simultaneously the best and worst thing ever!

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Discourse definitely beats the (current) alternatives

did also somewhat like NodeBB, but it’s quite lacking compared to discourse

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After stumbling around in Discourse, I do believe that I’ll have to give it a twirl for a private forum that I’m planning on setting up. It’s light and airy - at least it is here. :slight_smile:

Surprisingly, I seem to enjoy it here more than Gitter. I think we moved a bit late.


I’m really liking the move to Discourse. I don’t have time to constantly watch for discussion, but Discourse sends out a digest making it really easy to go read what’s been talked about. This is something you really couldn’t do with Gitter.

I think this is really going well so far!


Discourse just asked if I wanted to add to home screen on my android phone and now it’s acting like a native app. That is so cool!

Edit: I guess that’s a chrome thing? Either way, very cool.

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Yeah. I have it on my phone and tab too. :smile:

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not much a fan of Discourse - especially the continuous scrolling. But use to it due to Letsencrypt forums using Discourse - probably Caddy and Letsencrypt forums are the only 2 Discourse forums I frequent these days - probably for the subject matter more than choice of forum software :slight_smile:

still better than some other folks choices of using the old mailing list or google groups !

personally, I used vBulletin (as I worked for them for over a decade mainly help forum owners optimise their server setups for performance and scalability pre-vB 5.x heh) but now use Xenforo (https://community.centminmod.com). Wouldn’t mind seeing Caddy forums on Xenforo one day :slight_smile:

i’ve tried nodebb and i preferred it over discourse - at the time i was playing with Ghost node.js blog so loved their integration in nodebb

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