Disabling log compression?

I have this in my Caddyfile for logging requests. In this setup, old log files are renamed and compressed to have a .gz extension automatically.

log {
    output file /var/log/caddy/access.log {
        roll_size 3MiB
        roll_keep 5
        roll_keep_for 5d

    format filter {
        wrap json
        fields {
            common_log delete

Is there a way I can skip compression (but still have the log files rotated)? This would allow me to simplify certain automated tasks that I run on these log files.

Yep, there’s the roll_gzip config knob for that.

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Hmm, looks like we haven’t exposed this in the Caddyfile yet. Probably the first request I’ve seen for it!

Actually, it’s been added in the master branch as the roll_uncompressed option. It’ll be in the next release!


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