Difficulty serving https proxy on non-standard port

Hi all. New to caddy and have hit a snag.

I’m serving a static site and a nodejs (express) api from the same machine (Ubuntu droplet on digital ocean). The node api is running locally on port 3000. I want to expose the api on a non-standard port.

domain.com, www.domain.com {

api.domain.com api.domain.com:27911 {
  proxy / localhost:3000

When I run Caddy with the above file, it outputs messages to the effect that it is serving https on the custom port, but all requests to the custom port time out. Requests to the default port work as expected.

Any suggestions?


Hi @NiloCK, welcome to the Caddy community.

Did you open that port on the firewall?

Did I also mention “new to managing physical servers”, “new to linux”, “new to critical thinking skills” etc?

Thank you. Resolved.

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You’re welcome! I love helping with the simple problems. It’s nice to get a quick resolution for someone :smiley:

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