Default route for dynamic endpoints


I have a scenario with 2 different backends. 1 that has a fixed path for requests and the second one is dynamic. The endpoints are created dynamically. So I am trying to build a rule for “everything that doesn´t go to the first path” rule on Caddy.

Thanks much in advanced!

My Caddyfile

:80 {
redir https://{host}{uri}
} {

  tls /root/.caddy/ /root/.caddy/
  log / stdout "{remote} - {user} [{when}] \"{method} {uri} {proto}\" {status} {size} {latency}"
  errors stderr
  timeouts 2h

  proxy /services backend1:8080 {

  proxy / backend2:8080 {    ##Here I need a default route
    policy round_robin

The setup you’ve got there looks good - everything for /services will go to backend one, and anything else will go to backend two. Are you running into any trouble with it?

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