Datadog and Caddy integration

Back in the day, I posted a question about how to pull Caddy stats into the Datadog monitoring platform. Because the original thread is closed, I will post the solution in this new thread..

  • Datadog offers an agent that can read OpenMetrics API
  • Caddy offers OpenMetrics compatible API, which is usually consumed by Prometheus
  • Note that Datadog/statds is “push style metrics” while Prometheus / OpenMetrics is pull style metrics

Caddy Metrics

Metrics are exposed on Note that the port binding works on Linux only.

To test the metrics endpoint:


Datadog integration instructions

You can make Datadog agent to read OpenMetrics from Caddy endpoint.

On the reverse proxy host, Go to DataDog OpenMetrics plugin directory and enable OpenMetrics:

mv conf.yaml.example conf.yaml

Edit conf.yaml:


  - openmetrics_endpoint:

    namespace: caddy

    metrics: ["caddy*"]

Restart agent:

sudo service datadog-agent restart

Give it 1 minute. Then check the OpenMetrics plugin is running:

datadog-agent status|grep -C 30 openmetrics

It should be running:

    openmetrics (1.15.2)
      Instance ID: openmetrics:caddy:17dd45bf18763b62 [OK]
      Configuration Source: file:/etc/datadog-agent/conf.d/openmetrics.d/conf.yaml
      Total Runs: 41
      Metric Samples: Last Run: 657, Total: 26,937
      Events: Last Run: 0, Total: 0
      Service Checks: Last Run: 1, Total: 41
      Average Execution Time : 27ms
      Last Execution Date : 2022-01-09 21:11:18 CET / 2022-01-09 20:11:18 UTC (1641759078000)
      Last Successful Execution Date : 2022-01-09 21:11:18 CET / 2022-01-09 20:11:18 UTC (1641759078000)

After this create a new dashboard in Datadog using these metrics.

See the full open source configuration for Caddyfile here.