Custom logfile format in Caddy

Hello everyone! I would like to ask dearest coder(s) to implement custom log format feature.
As for me, I’d like to see log format instead of this:
...247 - [31/Oct/2016:14:25:01 +0300] "GET…
this one:
.247 - [2016.10.31 14:25:01] "GET…
– and more over - let’s make log format compatible with unix date format, info can be found here:

Thanks in advance!

When is a time stamp without a timezone useful?

What do you mean with compatible with date(1)? ISO? RFC2822? Or any other standard.

What does make sense would a {unix} timestamp that is just epoch.

The question is about to use any variables user wants - with timezone or without:)
I mean unix program date, the manual page URL of which I posted in my 1st message.

In other hand, standard linux strftime - it is also has many variables those can be used to make custom logfile format:) Info can be found here: strftime(3) - Linux manual page

Thanks in advance!:slight_smile:

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