Create proxy for app within a container

I have an application in a Docker Container that exposes a REST API. The app does not support SSL.

I want to use Caddy as a proxy for the app. I have a wild-card cert from DigiCert.

The following are the steps I would like to incorporate.

  1. Receive wild-card request on Port 80 or 433; []

  2. Redirect to base URL using SSL; []

There are over thirty different ports using Post, Get, Put and Delete

  1. Return response from []

Can I run Caddy as a systemd service?

Caddy systemd service doc:

It should be available in download package if you build from the website.

Is there an alternate way to do directly from a Docker Container?

There’s a few Caddy containers for Docker. The most popular one is abiosoft/caddy.

Naturally you won’t need to use systemd if you use Docker to supervise Caddy in a container.

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