Common wiki with working configs

I have a suggestion concerning configs. There are a buch of CMSs out there, many other applications that are widely used. People ask here for help maybe repeatedly. It would be nice to create a wiki-type site with working configs that could be eventually improved.

Apache and Nginx configs are all over web. Caddy is a not that widely used to receive a well-deserved attention. I could myself contribute with a few already:

These configs are not 100 % perfect and would require some love so I would also like to receive some suggestions to make it better. It could be a nice one to add here.

The wiki is right here:

It’s even linked to from the top of the docs sidebar, and the top-nav here on the forums!

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I know there is such wiki, I saw it, but once I opened it … Well, I thought about something else. Maybe a github rather then keep it unorganized in a forum.

We tried an examples repo with Caddy v1 and it proved too much effort to maintain. It’s easier for people to open a wiki thread than to make a PR against a github repo.

I see. Alright. Maybe I will look around and try to come up with something easy to maintain if you don’t mind. Just a suggestion.

I think we’re happy with the wiki. We just need more people to contribute well written examples and articles.

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Yes, we have tried lots of things before. Please contribute to the wiki :slight_smile: We’d love to have your examples there!

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