Commercial use for SMB

I read a Caddy tutorial on Digital Ocean stated commercial website need commercial license?

That’s outdated information. Caddy is fully free and uses the Apache 2.0 license.

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Wow, thank all of you so much, are there performance tuning in the coming release?

Not particularly. If you have any specific concerns (with evidence) of performance issues, please let us know!

I have done on macOS Macbook Pro on 100KB HTML file that serve as static contents, not really useful.

Configuration is based on, not using PHP-FPM

With wrk, Caddy can reach around 50% of Nginx requests per second. However, not a bad replacement for WordPress, Caddy has slightly lower requests than Nginx.

We would need a lot more information. You’d need to give us the exact configs you used and exact commands you ran. It’s impossible to tell if this is really an apples to apples comparison otherwise.

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