Clustering / high availability - what to do?

Hi all - we’re looking at Caddy as a reverse proxy, but unable to determine what the best pattern for clustering is. We’re keen to ensure it runs in a highly available manner, but right now it seems there’s not a straightforward answer for shared storage for certificates, nor for ensuring renewals are managed well across multiple active Caddy nodes.

I’ve seen the post here ( Clustering Caddy ) which mentions a possible upcoming commercial option from @matt. This would probably be our preferred solution.

Is there any news on this option; or does anyone have any other solutions they’ve implemented in production?

PS - we’re looking to bind several thousand hostnames to a single instance. I presume Caddy will eat this right up :slight_smile:

Yeah, Caddy can handle that many sites, this is something I know it already does for one or two companies.

I haven’t gotten around to making the TLS storage a first-class plugin all the way yet, but it’s close. I just need either some time or incentive (the Engineering Package) to finish it up. It’ll get there sooner or later, depending on which path is taken.