Clear cache? Old logo not updating

Is there a command I can run to clear cache? Old logo shows on pageload, I do cache reset with Ctrl + Shf + R and new logo appears. But everytime I open site in a new tab, old logo shows. Thx

Which cache are you talking about?
Your browsers’?
And what logo? The favicon?

Please fill out the forum template

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I about had a panic attack seeing that template. Completely unnecessary for a cache issue.

  1. Only “logos” that show on “[page]loads” are Jellyfin logos (top left corner)
  2. I read Caddy automatically caches content - I’m new but you don’t know this?
  3. I didn’t set the favicon but surely that would do the same

I’ll do more research on my own. LMFAO. (Clearly if it shows after a hard CACHE reset, it’s a fucking cache issue - NOT ON MY SERVER END - I host HUNDREDS of sites with various cache methods.

Our hands are tied without the template. For us to be able to help, you have to cooperate with us in the form of sharing information asked in the template. Everything on the template is necessary information. I trust you know that given “[you] host HUNDREDS of sites with various cache methods.” If you’re stuck on a point and not able to figure out any of them, tell us that and we’ll guide you without any panic attacks.

I’d love to clarify this. This is actually part of the template where you share links of things you’ve found and tried. Do you have an authoritative reference for this? Actually, this is also dependent on your config and how you installed and setup Caddy. All of those are part of the template.

If I had a penny for everytime Firefox still held to old cached data after hard reset, I’d be Tony Stark. To start, appreciate if you can try an incognito window and provide detailed report. A reproducible report is greatly appreciated, rather than an anecdote.


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