Change values for rate-limiting certificates


Will I be needing to edit a file to change the rate-limiting of certificates in Caddy if the ask directive is set? I saw in the documentation it mentioned that no rate-limits were set in this context. However, I have seen various mentions line that says in production to serve custom domains for clients, for example, I’ll need to edit some files. Could you provide me with anything that’ll be of use when finding what to edit (if anything) in this situation? As for editing the renewal check rate (Checking whether to renew a certificate), where can I find this? I know it used to be in vendor/ Can’t seem to find it anymore…

There also used to be throttling (caddy/handshake.go at fdab82fd3cf57926c527e89ef4cdd3f191d47478 · caddyserver/caddy · GitHub) - can’t find this anymore, either?


Hi @eddiejibson, I’m not aware of any files that must be edited regarding rate limits when using ask for On-Demand TLS.

Can you show us some examples? What files do they claim must be edited?

Should still be there.

Not sure about that throttling code.

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