Change domain name acme error 400

Hi there,

I have been having a great experience with caddy server!

However I had to change my domain name, and need to change the caddyFile.

When I put in the new domain name into the caddy file, there seems to be a 404 error when creating a new cert for the new domain.

The error say “Error getting validation” - “Failed to get certificate acme error 400”

Could someone point me in the right firection with regards to properly running caddy server after domian name changes in the caddyFIle?

many thanks


Can you post the full logs here? (caddy -log stderr will print it to the screen)

Usually validation fails because a domain is not pointed (A and AAAA records) at the machine you’re running Caddy on.

c:\Caddy>caddy -log stderr
Activating privacy features…2018/01/13 14:16:04 [INFO][] acme:
Obtaining bundled SAN certificate
2018/01/13 14:16:04 [INFO][] AuthURL: https://acme-v01.api.letse
2018/01/13 14:16:04 [INFO][] acme: Could not find solver for: dn
2018/01/13 14:16:04 [INFO][] acme: Trying to solve HTTP-01
2018/01/13 14:16:08 [] failed to get certificate: acme: Error 40
0 - urn:acme:error:connection - Fetching
e-challenge/JUvFKsXEtflTtF0-fgywinXJiK8PsY56fk_uufnQkbo: Error getting validatio
n data
Error Detail:
Validation for
Resolved to:

Do you have your A or AAAA records set properly on the domain

I do and the value of the A record is pointing back to my public IP.

I wonder if because the domain was parked the hosts servers have not yet updated the new status.

Unfortunately in my hast, I used up all the attempts to create a new Cert, and will have to wait for LE to let me try again.

What does this error mean?

Activating privacy features…2018/01/13 15:38:27 [] failed
to get certificate: acme: Error 403 - urn:acme:error:unauthorized - Invalid resp
onse from
_iII5oX200F_nXEz-KYRINj7H-20 [MYIPHERE]: 404
Error Detail:
Validation for
Resolved to:
Used: IP

To be unambiguous, the ACME server returned a 403 (forbidden) response to your request for a certificate, because when it contacted and asked for the file located at /.well-known/acme-challenge/wTbf0CfEwzlyx5B_iII5oX200F_nXEz-KYRINj7H-20, the server it connected to responded with status 404 (file not found).

This is probably because Caddy isn’t actually listening to port 80 at the IP address the DNS is pointed at. Sometimes people actually have an Apache server up and don’t realise, or maybe their router’s web GUI is in the way.

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